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IMPACT Community India The 100 years old bungalow is the hub of IMPACT Community. It has three large 18x16’ halls assigned to training, library and dining hall for staff, trainees and guests. The office and kitchen are also on the ground floor. The day to day events of IMPACT unfold on this floor. It is ideally located right opposite the Railway Station and next to the Bus Station and Post Office.

Part of the top floor is residence for the Managing Trustee and also has two guestrooms and other facilities equipped to provide hospitality to five to seven guests at the same time.

The Bungalow sits in the middle of three and a half acres of open land belonging to the organization waiting to be developed. A bore-well with submersible pump, a gift from Living Water International, provides sweet clean water. Presently, in the absence of a permanent hall the open grounds in the front are used for community meetings etc. under a tent.

the causes of poverty and simultaneously develop means of counteracting those powerful forces..

in creating awareness about poverty as a social problem of the whole society…a lack of wealth and not just of money. To enlighten our target people to what actually adds value to their life and being.

an understanding of wealth. Nurture empowered individuals of courage and conviction, who will work for fuller life in society. Create a safe space for people to learn and grow together to promote a just human society and a better nation

means of exposing factors of poverty, namely, dishonesty, ignorance and disease. Work to treat the disease—poverty and not the symptom, which is lack of money. Finally develop methods to create genuine wealth— moral, social and financial, as a sustainable process of growth.

What does this involve?
[1] A Discipleship Model: work from within the communities through role-modeling; become part of the transformation. Work daily on moral formation and teach good work ethic and dignity of labor. ‘If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat’.

[2] Synergistic Entrapreneurships: Implement people-centered mutual-help (not self-help) programs in which each person in a responsible and accountable relationship helps another carry their load. “Do unto others…”
We impart:

Training in income generating skills
Awareness in Health, Hygiene and Legal knowledge
Work at moral formation
Teach about Civic duty, Environment conservation and Renewable energy

[3] Periodic Critical Self-Evaluation: Initiate Community actions groups and create a giving and sharing Community willing to go a second mile. Encourage people to participate in their own governance through social audits etc.

[4] Sustainable Transformation: Complete the process of empowerment by letting the people own their own transformation

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Our own work and research and that of others with the grassroots communities has helped us identify what we call the Five Ferocious Foes – Ignorance due to poor quality education and dearth of proper information; Disease aided and abetted by hunger, national waste and unemployment; Dishonesty due to lack of moral formation, Apathy and Dependency of a people feeling helpless. These piggy-backs on each other to pronounce a death sentence on the poor. We have been greatly helped in understanding these better from Phil Bartle, PhD who calls them the Big Five as he has shown in the illustration below (www.cec.vcn.bc.ca) . These piggy-backs on each other to pronounce a death sentence on the poor

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Our Programs

Community Builders Women Entrepreneurs Eagle Wings Education & Research Academy Training in Trades Dignity