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Thank you to those who have sustained and continue to sustain the work of IMPACT Community in the lives of rural Dalits.

Your financial contributions make what we do possible.

They teach, they heal, they encourage, they feed, they empower.

The impact of your generosity reaches far and wide today and into the future.

Will you join us in our continued efforts to foster the transformation of rural Dalit communities?

I want to give

Thanks for submitting!

Want to send us a check?

IMPACT Community International

3455 N Glebe Road Arlington VA 22207

USA Ph: (703) 538-7000


Do you live in Canada?

Contact our partners for more information!

Global Outreach Mission
PO Box 2010 Buffalo, NY 14231-2010

Ph: 905-68401401 (Canada office)

716-688-5048 (US Office)

“God never asks us to give what we do not have . . . But he cannot use what we will not give.” - Richard Stearns, The Hole in Our Gospel

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