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Our Mission

We empower Dalit communities to overcome generational poverty and systemic social isolation and discrimination.

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Our Vision

We envision rural Dalits who create lasting change in their own lives and become the catalysts of their communities’ transformation.

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Our Values

We live our mission:

We are purpose-driven. We work to be the source of the change we hope to see among rural Dalits.

We see potential in everyone:

Everyone has skills and talents that are worthy of our investment. Everyone can contribute in a meaningful way.

We emphasize connection:

Teamwork and mutual support bear greater dividends.

We commit to learning:

We celebrate knowledge, creativity, innovation, and research. We adapt and take calculated risks.

We own our impact:

Together, we have the power to change the course of history for the rural Dalits.

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Our 3 Core Commitments

Intergenerational Equity:

We teach the foundations of equity and equality to rural Dalit children, youth, and women. We teach them to think critically and be morally grounded.

Right to Development:

We affirm Article 22 (122) of the Constitution of India: “All peoples shall have the right to their economic, social, cultural development with due regard to their freedom and identity and in the equal enjoyment of the common heritage of mankind.” We work to protect these human rights for Dalits.

Social Justice:

Bringing an end to discrimination and poverty will require both inner conviction and outside intervention. We help the Dalits understand their rights and offer legal assistance.

Would you like to support IMPACT Community’s work among the rural Dalits?

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