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Youth Capacity-Building

Nearly 80% of Dalit youth do not finish high school. They often become electricians, plumbers, or painters through apprenticeship. This has oversaturated the rural market leading to fewer employment opportunities and low wages. Many begin drinking heavily at an early age and a noticeable number die young.

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Of the remaining 20% who attend college, many end up dropping out due to excessive harassment from their upper caste Hindu peers and instructors. Suicide rates among Dalits in higher education are exceptionally high.

Young Dalits need a safety net to catch them before it is too late.

How we do this:

Our multi-pronged capacity-building initiatives among the Dalit youth begin with moral development. This is the source of resilience Dalit youth need to move forward without losing sight of their goal. We show them how to gain control over the factors and decisions that shape their lives.

We establish the significance of worth and work. Through interactive seminars and workshops, we teach the idea of personal worth and the importance of merit. This is crucial for those who have, for generations, been told they are worthless.

We offer career guidance, vocational training, and expose them to the professional opportunities aligned with their qualifications.

We provide after-work tutorials to build their core competencies in spoken English, financial literacy, and legal knowledge as well training in computer data entry, legal recording, medical transcription, and more. We also offer counseling and aptitude testing.

We identify instructors and raise funds for training in life skills. We assist with job applications, resume writing, and interview preparation.

When and where possible, we supply a beginner’s toolkit to hopeful entrepreneurs as a starting incentive gift.

We create job opportunities. Several of our alumni work with us while they focus on developing workplace skills.

Partner with us today to improve the lives of rural Dalit youth tomorrow!

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