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Shortest Time in Court

Today was my shortest time at court!

The GP came and pleaded for more time.

The judge asked, “Why not today?”

The young attorney said, “Because our senior attorney will come to argue the case!”

The judge said, “I can't keep on asking her (gesturing toward me) to come again and again.” Again, the judge repeated, “Why can't your senior appear today?”

The attorney said, “Because the senior attorney is appearing in another court at the same time.”

The judge asked me, "Madam, what do you have to say?”

I told the judge, “I'm cheesed off. The GP has had five weeks already.” The young man pleaded again, so the judge said “OK, Monday, and no more adjournments.” He went on to ask him, "Are you sure your senior will appear on Monday? If he does not, I will give a ruling in her favor.”

Well, I had to do a three-hour roundtrip drive for this exchange. I TRUST that Monday should get us our prayed-for result. The Lord be praised, He holds the whole world and me in His hands. Thank you for praying and please do not rest until we cross the finish line.

I continuously remember the words, “Peace, be still.”

Much love and thanks.

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