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Do Not Be Discouraged!

Friends and Family,

The GP turned up. The Judge asked him if he had re-filed his counter, and he said yes. The judge asked the master of the court for his copy but there was none. The judge was visibly upset and asked the GP for the file number and said, "Tell me the file number and I will have the registry bring it up now." But the GP stood fidgeting.

The judge asked him to go get the copy and asked me to wait while assuring me that he would hear the case at the end.

Around 1:00 p.m., the GP returned and told me that he would resubmit the counter that day and left. I waited for the judge's call. I was called toward the end of the pre-lunch sitting, but the GP was missing. The judge asked me what the GP said to me. I realized that the judge was aware of the comings and goings in his court... I told him. Since another GP was there for the next case, the judge told him to convey his order to the missing GP and that he had better make sure that he had the counter submitted before the next hearing or he will add cost. He then had this order put on record.

Adding cost means that if the GP was to try and delay this case any more than the government, he will have to pay me for the duress I am being put through.

Well, my next date is on the 18th, next Friday. But I am not discouraged. Thank you for remembering us and thinking of us.

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