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Pursuing Social Justice

Open your mouth on behalf of those unable to speak, for the legal rights of all the dying.Open your mouth, judge in righteousness, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. - Proverbs 31:8-9


There are more than 200 million Dalits in India today. They are looked upon as outcasts and religiously impure—untouchable. The caste system continues to deprive Dalits of social, economic, and political rights. The denial of their dignity extends to India’s justice system.

Focused as they are on their own survival, Dalits do not have the luxury of political engagement and legal defense. IMPACT Community is committed to being the voice of the voiceless until they can make themselves heard. We serve as counselors, advocates, and friends as we seek to improve legal literacy standards within Dalit communities.


Our legal consultation and aid work on behalf of the Dalits is pro bono. We take on up to five or six cases per year. We consult on some and serve as lead counsel for others. We defend Dalits against social injustices such as physical abuse and exploitation, land grab, and wrongful detention. The slow process begins with gaining the trust of our clients. We pay most of their court fees, travel to the courts, and build their cases.

It’s not what you believe that counts; it’s what you believe enough to do. - Richard Stearns

When you give to IMPACT Community, you ensure our uninterrupted legal and advocacy efforts on behalf of rural Dalits.

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