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The Unfolding Story: My 7-Day Diary Entries

Between your thoughts and ours, we have made it happen! Thank you.

September 12:

I have known grief many times in my life BUT for the first time while returning from the High Court I experienced agony that only found expression in groanings. I had no words only a heart cry.

September 13:

Peace and meditation ministered to us through your thoughts and many words of empathy and encouragement. Thank you. In the evening as the day of the hearing of the case is drawing closer there is unrest in the other camp. We received pics through concerned friends of the people claiming to be old students at our school but with a vested interest in the school property at the educational office in the discussion. This same person had kept us waiting five hours outside when I went for a meeting in July.

There is a lot of money and powerplay involved on the other side:

The two Schools are on prime land once they are closed (taken over), these parties will come in as contractors and builders and some to run a new private school on this spot.

September 14:

In the morning I received a call from our Primary school staff. They were informed that the immediate government authority on Primary Schools would be coming for an inspection.

Next, one of the two teachers received a call from the office. The teachers were asked for their certificates and threatened that they would be rusticated.

The inspection did not take place but another staff came and instructed our Primary School staff to bring the children for meals at the High School. According to government records, these are two separate schools – two administrations though belonging to one management. We have received grants separately and food is cooked separately in both schools. This was their ploy to take pictures and present to the court that the children were indeed receiving Mid-Day Meals (MDM).

On my instruction, our staff asked for these instructions in writing since the matter is now with the High Court awaiting judgment/direction. I sent a very strongly worded letter to the Education Office objecting to the arm-twisting tactics. Copies were also sent to their chain of command. In the evening, the sub-division officer called our staff to his office. He told them he had the JVK Kits (books, uniforms, etc.) for our children and asked them to inform me that he wanted me to meet him.

About an hour later my computer flashed the notification message from him on WhatsApp saying, “Please come to my office and discuss everything.”

The problem is the Education Department wants to hush this matter out of court and thus claim “victory” and discredit me in public. We must be very careful in our interactions.

September 15:

This morning, I wrote to the Education Department the following: “In the interest of the children for whose rights I was compelled to approach the Honorable High Court for justice, with no prejudice to the aforesaid Writ Petition Pleadings and Prayers sought and subjected to the directions and final orders of the Honorable High Court, I believe it will be reasonable on my part as Correspondent of ABM Primary School to agree to your proposal provided the same is given to me in writing before the next adjournment of the Writ Petition…”

This evening, our staff collected the JVK Kits for our children. THANK GOODNESS!

Our two Primary School teachers were also beyond happy! On Saturday, the parents will be invited to come and receive these for their children.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving for answering thoughts. We are grateful to you for your emotional and prayerful support – these days I tear up frequently and this is one of those times!


I called the Government Pleader’s office and was told the counter from the Government will be available on Monday. So, I’ll collect it and have time to study and prepare my response at the same time.

September 16:

Around mid-morning today I received a note from the Education Department that the District Officer wants to meet me. Since Sudheer had taken the car and it was an 80km (47 mile) trip one way, there was no way I could go. I requested an appointment on Monday or Tuesday.

Send thoughts of wisdom for me about any proposition the Department might have. No time to relax until the battle is completely won.

September 17:

It is time to share pictures of the mothers and children receiving their long-awaited books, bags, and uniforms.

Now remember with us the preparations for September 23rd. Time is flying.

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