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Sudheer was right! The Government Pleader (GP) did not file his counter and the judge gave him 3 more weeks! OH, Goodness! ... It can get discouraging if I do not remember that this is just the beginning and I'm yet to get my feet wet...

So far, the attorney for the management is a "no show". The good news is that this continues to give me more confidence and resolve. It really helps to have my husband in the courtroom and to know all of you are praying for me and the outcome of this petition.

Sudheer and I will now begin seeking legal remedies for this stalemate if it continues. Interestingly, this evening I received a call from a clerk at the court and he said he heard me in the court and advised that I should get a lawyer. He went on to advise that if I went to the Bar council there are several lawyers there who would take my case for free and get me an order!!!

Remember Sudheer and I, that we might experience sweet rest. Thank you for staying in constant support for us and please continue to do so.

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