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The Judge is Good

The judge IS good. We are so grateful. We were impressed that he took the time to do a quick read of the intro and prayer of each case before he got started with the petitioner.

As usual, the GP had not read my rejoinder and lied that he did not get it. In fact, the process requires that the petitioner first present a copy to the GP, get his signature, and then hand it to the Registry for scrutiny. After that, it is either returned if there are errors, if not, then it is sent to be handed to the master of the court for the judge who will be hearing the case. Since the GP asked for time to study my rejoinder, the judge asked me my prayer and then he first confirmed with me if next week was convenient for me and then gave September 28th as the next date.

Please continue to think of us. Sudheer and I returned very encouraged and hopeful. Now, I will be brushing up on my rejoinder to present to the judge.

Thanks again for your encouragement. We are so encouraged and empowered.

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